Report any adverse reactions to IG products using this form

To all our members It is vital that you, or your treating doctor/nurse use this form to notify SAHPRA of any adverse reaction that you might have from using IG products. This information is vital for several reasons including the following: If your treating doctor recommends alternative IG products due…

PiNSA is on the IPOPI Board!

Congratulations to Annie Pienaar, Chair of PiNSA for having been elected onto the IPOPI Board. It is great have representation again at international level and we are sure she will make a great contribution to IPOPI Well done Annie!

PiNSA has a new Chair!

The PiNSA Committee is happy to announce that Annie Pienaar, a long serving committee member and a stalwart of the association, has accepted the office of Chairman of PiNSA. Joy Rosario has stood down and is now Vice-Chair and Chantelle Richards continue as Treasurer. Mariana Du Toit also continues as…

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