World PI Week 2016

As we are getting closer to World PI Week, we want to remind you to send us your plans for local activities on 22-29 April : share your events to[email protected] and we will make sure to reflect them on the global World Pi Week online map!

Looking for inspiration? Look at our tips and tools and start planning your event using the World PI Week 2016 materials.

Tell us what you are up to on Facebook and Twitter (use #PrimaryImmunodeficiency and @WorldPIWeek) and use our suggestions for tweets and posts to create the buzz on social media. If you have nice visuals, send them to [email protected] and they will form part of the InstagramWPIW picture gallery on the WPIW homepage.

Any question or query? Do not hesitate to contact [email protected] and we will do our best to help you!
Your World PI Week Team

Raising Awareness for Diagnosis and Treatment of PI Together!